A Bloody Lucky Day (2023)

A Bloody Lucky Day (2023)

Other name: 운수 오진 날 운수오진날 运气好的日子 Unsuojinnal Unlucky Day A Very Lucky Day Самый лучший день


Oh Taek works as a taxi driver. One day, he had a dream where a lot of pigs appeared. This type of dream is thought to bring about good luck. On that same day, he earns his usual amount of money. When he thinks about calling it a day, a man named Geum Hyuk Soo asks Oh Taek to drive him to the port city of Mokpo. He offers a million won (~$1,000) to drive him. Oh Taek accepts the drive, but Oh Taek is not aware that Hyuk Soo murdered a man, and he is planning to stow away on a boat. Meanwhile, Hwang Soon Kyu is the mother of the man who was murdered by Hyuk Soo. She chases after her son's killer.(Source: AsianWiki)Adapted from the webtoon "Unsuojinnal" (운수 오진 날) by Aporia (아포리아).Release dates: October 5, 2023 (Festival) || November 20, 2023 (Online)

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Criminal Drama Gore Psychological Serial Killer Suspense Thriller

Cast: Jeong Man Shik (1974), Yoo Yeon Seok (1984), Lee Seong Min (1968), Lee Hwa Jeong (1985), Tae Hang Ho (1983), Lee Jeong Eun (1970), Lee Kang Ji (1997), Hong Xa Bin (1997), Han Dong Hee (1997)

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