Blooming Days (2023)

Blooming Days (2023)

Other name: 岁岁青莲 熹妃传 Xi Fei Zhuan Sui Sui Qing Lian Everlasting Serenity Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace Story of Qinglian Цветущие дни История Цин Лянь


Qing Lian is content to lead an ordinary life and aspires for a suitor who only has eyes for her, yet is instead forced to marry into the royal family. She discovers her husband He Lian Xin is not the heartless and stone-faced noble he presents himself to be, and secretly helps him navigate the treacherous waters, earning his affection and respect in the process.Adapted from the web novel "Xi Fei Zhuan" (熹妃传) by Xie Yu (解语).

Country: Chinese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical Novel Romance

Cast: Niki Chow (1979), Viva He (1987), Miracle Qi (1982), Huang You Ming (1986), Peter Ho (1975), Shen Tai, Li Jin Rong (1975), Xu Ling Chen (2002), Eva Huang (1983), Jinna Fu (1995), Morning Chang (1956), Icey Wang (1996), Wang Ruo Xi (1999), Li Yun (1997)

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