The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival (2023)

The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival (2023)

Other name: 7인의 탈출 7人的逃脫 7人的逃脱 7人の脱出 7 Ineui Talchul 7 Escape Seven Escape The Escape of 7 The Escape of Seven The Escape of the 7 7 Escape: War for Survival Дорама Побег семи


What does a faceless mobile platform mogul, a drama production company CEO, an ex-gangster, a wannabe idol, an OBGYN doctor, an entertainment CEO, and a school art teacher have in common? These 7 individuals were all involved in the heated case of a missing girl. As they attempt to escape their fate and pursue the truth, they find themselves embroiled in secrets, lies, and desires in this retribution tale.

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama Mystery Suspense Thriller

Cast: Hwang Jeong Eum (1985), Uhm Ki Joon (1976), Lee Joon (1988), Yoon Joo Hee (1985), Shin Eun Kyeong (1973), Ahn Nae Sang (1964), Danny Ahn (1978), Jo Yoon Hee (1982), Yoon Jong Hoon (1984), Yoon Tae Yeong (1974), Yeom Ji Yeong (1984), Lee Yoo Bi (1990), Kim Soo Mi (1949), Yoon Hyeon Min (1985), Kim Ki Doo (1982), Park Joon Keum (1962), Jo Jae Yoon (1974), Lee Deok Hwa (1952), Lee Ji Hyeok (1983), Kim Dong Hyeon (1975), Yoo Jin Woo (2004), Jeong Seon Kyeong (1998), Park Jeong Eon (1979)

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