Oshi wo Meshiagare: Koho Girl no Maroyakana Hibi (2024)

Oshi wo Meshiagare: Koho Girl no Maroyakana Hibi (2024)

Other name: 推しを召し上がれ~広報ガールのまろやかな日々~ Oshi wo Meshiagare: Kouhou Gaaru no Maroyakana Hibi


While Yuzu Hodaishi (Riho Sayashi) tried to find a decent job, she became hooked on a novel about yoghurt and became a big fan of the bacteria lactobacillus bulgaricus that appeared in the novel. Meanwhile, I is a lactobacillus bulgaricus and sees Yuzu Hodaishi. I jump out of the package of yoghurt and follow her as an invisible presence.After a year of trying to find a job, Yuzu Hodaishi finally gets hired by a food company in Meiwa and gets assigned to work for the company in Osaka. At first, she worked with the supermarket staff, but she was transferred to the PR department at the head office in Osaka. Her senior there is Itsumi Midori (Rio Asumi). Yuzu Hodaishi struggles with her life in unfamiliar Osaka and also her work in the PR department. She then gets assigned to work on a magazine article for Meiwa Yogurt's 50th anniversary.(Source: AsianWiki)Adapted from the novel "Reiwa Bulgaria Yogurt" (令和ブルガリアヨーグルト) by Miyagi Ayako (宮木あや子).

Country: Japanese

Status: upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: life Novel

Cast: Sayashi Riho (1998), Asumi Rio (1985), Hashimoto Satoshi (1966), Ikoma Rina (1995), Nomura Masumi (1990), Nagata Takato (1993), Yoshii Masao (1984), Mizuma Ron (1989), Uno Shohei (1978), Nakajima Hiroko (1971)

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