Elegant Empire (2023)

Elegant Empire (2023)

Other name: 우아한 제국 Uahan Jeguk


Gi Yun is a clever and good-looking chairman of WJ Entertainment. He is a rich romanticist of the century who seems perfect on the outside, but he is also an ambitious man with a dark secret that he cannot tell others. His wife, Shin Ju Kyung, was able to rise from poverty by marrying Gi Yun, just like Cinderella from the fairytale. She is a perfect mother and a lovely wife with a great career until an unexpected incident steals everything away from her.Jung Woo Hyuk, a rookie actor at NA Entertainment who continues his acting career after overcoming the misery of his incompetent agency, misses his mentor, Ju Kyung, who suddenly disappeared. At the moment, Seo Hee Jae, who looks just like Ju Kyung, walks into NA Entertainment. Woo Hyuk gets confused when he sees Hee Jae, and she intentionally approaches Gi Yun.Who destroyed her life, and how will she get back the perfect life she lost?(Source: Kocowa+)

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama Revenge

Cast: Kim Seo Ra, Kim Jin Woo (1983), Nam Kyeong Eub (1958), Lee Mi Yeong (1961), Kim Ga Ran (1993), Son Seong Yoon (1984), Bang Hyeong Joo (1960), Han Ji Wan (1987), Lee Bo Hyeon (1981), Kang Yeol (1993), Lee Jeong Bin (1992), Kang Seong Hoon (1960)

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