Unpredictable Family (2023)

Unpredictable Family (2023)

Other name: 우당탕탕 패밀리 咣噹啷啷家族 Udangtangtang Paemilri Udangtangtang Family Tumbling Family Bumpy Family


A romantic family drama about a divorced couple who broke up 30 years ago out of hate, reuniting as in-laws through their children and overcoming long overdue conflicts and enmity.(Source: HanCinema)

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama Family

Cast: Choi Soo Rin (1974), Im Ha Ryong (1952), Lee Jong Won (1969), Lee Dae Yeon (1964), Kim Bo Mi (1958), Kim Seon Kyeong (1968), Lee Do Gyeom (1990), Kang Da Bin (1992), Ahn Yeon Hong (1976), Nam Sang Ji (1989), Im Na Yeong (I.O.I) (1995), Lee Hyo Na (1990)

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