Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng (2023)

Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng (2023)

Other name: 梅府有女初长成 梅府有女初長成 Mei Fu You Nu Chu Zhang Cheng


Modern girl accidentally traveled to the ancient desert country and became the frail and sickly concubine Mei Kai Shao. After experiencing several dangers after crossing time and space, she realizes that someone did it on purpose, and she works hard to reverse her fate. Everything gets even more complicated , when she falls in love with the third prince, with whom, even if started from misunderstanding, creates strong couple.(Source: Chinese =Tencent)Adapted from the web novel "Mei Fu You Nv Chu Cheng Fei " (梅府有女初成妃) by Mei Kai Shao (梅开芍).

Country: Chinese

Status: ongoing

Released: 1970

Genre: Fantasy Hidden Identity Historical Novel Romance Web Series

Cast: Kiki Qiu (1997), Ye Xin Yu, Li Yu Su (1978), Simpson Tang (1990), Li Jia Fan (1981), Du Ting Jun (1990), Wang Pei Gen (1993)

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