Mr. Lighter (2023)

Mr. Lighter (2023)

Other name: 女兒大人加個賴 女儿大人加个赖 Nv Er Da Ren Jia Ge Lai Nu Er Da Ren Jia Ge Lai Nü Erh Ta Jen Chia Ko Lai Nv Erh Ta Jen Chia Ko Lai Лай и его взрослые дочки


Two girls who grew up in different single-parent families, went to the same school since they were young, and entered the same workplace as colleagues when they grew up. The two have very different appearances and personalities, and they have been fighting for more than ten years without getting tired. One day, a mafia boss suddenly appeared in their lives, claiming to be their father, but the two turned out to be half-sisters...(Source: Wikipedia)

Country: Taiwanese

Status: completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy Drama Family

Cast: Carol Cheng (1971), Chen Bo Zheng (1955), Margaret Wang (1981), Chen Yu (1994), Huang Wei Ting (1987), Deyn Li (1991), Alex Ko (1971), Genie Chen (1994), Peter Guan (1991), Suun Lin (1993), Phil Hou (1989), Yang Chieh Mei (1963), Lin Wei (1969), Katrina Cheng (1973)

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