Pyramid Game (2024)

Pyramid Game (2024)

Other name: 피라미드 게임 金字塔游戏 Pilamideu Geim Игра в пирамиду เกมพีระมิด لعبة الهرم


Every Thursday afternoon, once a month, students at Sarang High School cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school. After starting at the bottom, can new transfer student Su Ji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?Adapted from the webtoon "Pyramid Game" (피라미드 게임) by "Dalgonyak" (달꼬냑).

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Action Drama Mystery Psychological School Thriller Webtoon

Cast: Yoon Da Kyeong (1971), Jeong Ha Dam (1994), Kim Ji Yeon (Bona - Cosmic Girls) (1995), Lee Joo Yeon (1994), Oh Se Eun (2001), Kim Se Hee, Ha Yool Ri (1999), Hwang Hyeon Jeong (2004), Kang Na Eon (2001), Ahn Ji Hye (1987), Yoon Ka Yi (2000), Jang Da Ah (2001), Ryoo Da In (2000), Shin Seul Ki (1998), Son Ji Yeong (1990)

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