Secret Playlist (2023)

Secret Playlist (2023)

Other name: 플레이,플리 Peullei, Peulli Тайный плейлист


An ordinary 24-year-old college student, Han Joo. On the surface, she appears to be a hardworking job seeker facing the harsh reality, but secretly, she nurtures her dream of becoming a singer by operating a cover song SNS account called 'Plii,' all while keeping her identity hidden.On the other hand, there's a member of the popular idol group S.E.Z., Do Gook. Approaching the end of his contract, he decides to seek out Plii, whom he has admired, for a collaboration project as he prepares to go solo. However, it turns out that the two were classmates in college! Han Joo, who must conceal her identity as Plii, and Do Gook, who needs to find Plii. Can they really uncover each other's true identities?(Source: Korean = TVING)Adapted from the webtoon "Secret Playlist" (플레이,플리) by 2F (이에프).

Country: Korean

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama Musical Romance School Youth

Cast: Yang Dong Keun (1979), Kim Hyang Gi (2000), Kang Seong Yeon (1976), Yang So Min (1979), Shin Hyeon Seung (1998), Lee Joon Yeong (Yeon Oh) (1990)

Secret Playlist (2023) trailer:
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