True False Love (2023)

True False Love (2023)

Other name: Zhen Qing Jia Ai , 真情假愛


Housewife Wang Ping Guo suspected that her husband was cheating but never found evidence, to prove it. Unexpectedly, her best friend Wang Mei Mei was the one who had an improper relationship with Chen Chao behind her back.. Chen Chao disliked Wang Ping Guo, that she didn't bear him a child, so Wang Mei Mei took the opportunity to sabotage their marriage, and use it as her trump card. She also deliberately framed Ping Guo for cheating with her neighbor You Yuan. On the grounds that she was pregnant with Chen Chao's child, she encouraged men to divorce and cooperated with her to seize the property left to her by Wang Ping Guo's mother. A few months later, Wang Mei Mei and Chen Chao got married. At this time, a woman named Qiu Xiao Yun appeared next to them, But nobody knows, that's Ping Guo, now hungry for revenge.

Country: Chinese

Status: ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama


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